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Trophies will be presented in sheep pavilion at 2.30 p.m.
For registered breeders of accredited Brucellosis-Free Stock
NEW OJD Policy for Sheep Sections at all SA Country Shows
Entries will only be accepted from exhibitors who can provide a National
Sheep Health Statement (SHS) which states that the flock is in the Sheep
Market Assurance Program (Sheep MAP) and/or can provide proof that the
animals to be exhibited are approved vaccinates (as defined in the explanatory notes of the SHS).
At the time of entry exhibitors must provide a complete National SHS and/or an approved vaccination declaration with the entry form.
Johne’s MN Status and Brucellosis number to be included on the entry form.
All stock transport must park their vehicles as directed.
NOTE:  Prize money will be paid out by Stewards on day of Show.
ENTRIES CLOSE MARCH 8th 2019 at 8.00 p.m.
Phone and written entries accepted.  No late entries accepted.
First, Second and Third Prize Ribbons in all Classes.
Head Merino Steward:  K. Starkey
Other Breeds: Mrs L Harrison.
Stewards: P. Harrison, R. Fiebig, L. & K Starkey, N Seager, P Williams,
R Chirgwin, C. Saunders.
All merino sheep to be bred and owned by exhibitor.
Other breeds to be owned by exhibitor.
Where breeds are sharing a judging ring, they will be judged in order of the book.
Merino and Poll Merino sheep showing two or more teeth must be tagged with the Association current tags.
Only tagged sheep eligible for Championships except breeders groups, ram & ewe lamb.
First Prize, 5 points; Second Prize, 3 points; Third Prize, 1 point.
The onus is on the exhibitor to enter sheep in the correct class
Special Note:  Shearing regulations shall apply as for the Royal Show.
(All sheep to be shorn since 1st August, 2017).
Membership and entry fee must be paid prior to judging.