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SPECIAL NOTE: The Committee reserves the right to run two events at the same time if shortage of time necessitates such an action.

Rings will run concurrently.

All exhibitors must adhere to the rules and regulations set down by the Society.



Judges may call on the Society's Veterinary Surgeon in respect to the soundness of any exhibit. The Society reserves the right to test any exhibit to determine whether any drug or stimulant has been administered to such exhibit. The Society shall not be liable for the death, injury or damage, which may be sustained by an exhibit due to this test being made. 


CDSA Rules and Regulations for exhibiting horses at CDSA shows:

  1. There will not be any transferring of entries between any classes after submission of entry except as in '2' below. 
  2. In the case of a horse being measured prior to the show, and a transfer being required, the current height certificate must be in the hands of the secretary/convenor by 5:00pm on the evening before the show. 
  3. Entry forms are to include a signed declaration by the entrant to the effect that 'I have read and will abide by the rules and regulations of the show society"
  4. Any coaching during judging is strictly prohibited.
  5. The protest fee for horse sections in CDSA shows will be $100.
  6. Payment must acoompany entry forms to validate entry. Show secretaries will not take responsibility for cash sent through the post. 
  7. Refunds of entry fees only on receipt of a veterinary certificate naming the horse, or a medical certificate naming the rider. 
  8. CDSA shows have an expectation of entrants to conduct themselves in a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play at all times. 
  9. In the event of any inconsistencies between these rules and EA or any other association or club, these rules shall prevail.